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Services Designed to Develop
Your International Talent

International employees are key contributors. They have often been chosen to fill a strategic role. If they cannot express their ideas clearly, concisely, and in a culturally appropriate way, they might not be able to make their full contribution. Making sure everyone's voice at the table can be heard is a vital part of a successful DE&I strategy. We design our courses to incorporate Peterson's Developmental Pipeline, including accountability, internal mentoring, and real-world practice. Whether you choose 1:1 Coaching or the Group Course Option, your international employees will find their authentic voice and bring their full professional value to the team.

1:1 coaching
Barbara consulting


1:1 Coaching

This program focuses on enabling leaders to communicate concisely and persuasively. The program contains key development elements, including internal mentorship, accountability, and real-world practice. By the end of the program, the leader has developed an alternative, culturally appropriate communication style that can be deployed based on the composition of the audience they need to persuade.

Hybrid Courses


Group Courses

This presentation skills course addresses the specific needs of managers whose first language isn't English. The content includes information about cultural and linguistic issues these managers frequently face. The course format is a hybrid design that provides group instruction and individual coaching to maximize participant growth and development. The course also incorporates internal mentorship, accountability, and real-world practice. Group size is limited to six.

Barbara mentoring

Focus Areas


We identify your cultural communication style and develop an alternative style that enables you to communicate effectively with your primary audience.

Properly using the grammar of a language ensures your communication is crisp and clear the first time.  


We hone your delivery skills so you can communicate confidently and convincingly every time.


"Barbara has helped me tremendously to improve my communication and presentation skills. For over two years, I worked with Barbara to prepare my presentations for seminars, conferences, and job talks. Working with Barbara has been a game-changer. Barbara is extremely serious, methodic, and resourceful. Last but not least, she is extremely pleasant to work with."

Annamaria Conti, PhD Professor of Economics


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I know how it feels not to get your point across in a foreign language. I'm passionate about helping you get heard. If you feel ignored, constrained, or undervalued, please reach out. I'd love to help you elevate your voice.

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