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Hi, I’m Barbara Boldt.
I help non-native English-speaking executives and directors quickly develop the leadership communication skills they need to be effective in their roles.

Meet Barbara

I am an Executive Communication Skills Coach. I learned my trade during the 20 years I lived and worked in Europe. I speak three languages besides English and have taught communication skills in English to people from more than 35 countries. My passion is helping global leaders create and deliver clear, impactful, persuasive presentations that get you noticed and promoted.

Barbara Boldt
How I Help

1:1 Coaching

Group Courses


1:1 Coaching

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Why Communication Skills Coaching?
Increase Productivity

Communicating effectively saves time. Getting messages across the first time means projects can move forward faster and critical deadlines can be met on time.

Productivity and communication
Retain and Promote Your International Talent

While English is the language of international business, it’s not everyone’s first language. By offering specialize coaching to your international employees, you ensure they are able to fulfill their role 100% and make their maximum contribution to the organization.

Super Charge Your Professional Image

Communicating effectively means the people in charge see the value you bring to your team. Making clear, polished, convincing presentations puts you in line for more responsibility and more money.

Don't just take my word for it...

"Barbara has helped me tremendously to improve my communication and presentation skills. For over two years, I worked with Barbara to prepare my presentations for seminars, conferences, and job talks. Working with Barbara has been a game-changer. Barbara is extremely serious, methodic, and resourceful. Last but not least, she is extremely pleasant to work with."

Annamaria Conti, PhD Professor of Economics


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I know how it feels not to get your point across in a foreign language. I'm passionate about helping you get heard. If you feel ignored, constrained, or undervalued, please reach out. I'd love to help you elevate your voice.

35456 Heritage Lane
Farmington, MI 48335


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