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Services Designed to Help You Meet Your Goals

My coaching is all about your results. Whether we work one-on-one or in a Hybrid Group Course, we start with your context and issues. We set concrete goals and agree on the KPI's then work our plan. We work with material you need to prepare for your job. You get immediate feedback that enables you to make the behavioral changes that form the basis of your new, successful communication style. 

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1:1 Coaching

In my one-on-one coaching program, the focus is all on you. We dive deep into your context and work on changing the behaviors that will move the needle for you. My goal is to help you create an alternative communication style that will save you time, and your boss will notice.

Focus Areas


We identify your cultural communication style and develop an alternative style that enables you to communicate effectively with your primary audience.

Properly using the grammar of a language ensures your communication is crisp and clear the first time.  


We hone your delivery skills so you can communicate confidently and convincingly every time.


"Barbara has helped me tremendously to improve my communication and presentation skills. For over two years, I worked with Barbara to prepare my presentations for seminars, conferences, and job talks. Working with Barbara has been a game-changer. Barbara is extremely serious, methodic, and resourceful. Last but not least, she is extremely pleasant to work with."

Annamaria Conti, PhD Professor of Economics

Barbara coaching

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I know how it feels not to get your point across in a foreign language. I'm passionate about helping you get heard. If you feel ignored, constrained, or undervalued, please reach out. I'd love to help you elevate your voice.

35456 Heritage Lane
Farmington, MI 48335


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