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Speaking Designed to Educate and Inspire

Barbara weaves stories and humor into her keynotes and workshops, bringing the concepts to life in an engaging way.

Her passion for this topic developed from living in foreign countries for 20 years and being a non-native speaker of a language she had to use for business. She had the privilege of teaching and coaching hundreds of global managers from over 35 countries on how to deliver professional presentations in English. As a result of all that listening, she developed the ability to hear what is not clear and what's not being said.

Whether it's incorrect grammar, inaccurate vocabulary, or scrambled message structure, she has a system that helps any level of speaker create a clear, powerful message that gets results.

2 Popular Keynote Presentations

Barbara coaching


Pitching to the C-Suite

Being able to deliver a clear, impactful, actionable pitch is an essential business communication tool that should be part of every manager’s toolkit, but it is not a skill that is often taught.


Managers and executives who can craft clear, engaging, targeted messages are more likely to get approval for new projects or increases in budget to hire new talent. They are also more likely to get noticed by people with power and find themselves in line for promotion.


During this lively, engaging, and practical keynote, you will be introduced to Barbara Boldt’s unique method of structuring and delivering a winning pitch. Your attendees will discover how to:

  • Determine the goals of their pitch

  • Structure their pitch for the maximum persuasive power

  • Deliver their pitch with confidence and conviction

Barbara provides a pitch template that participants can use over and over to construct pitches that capture and hold attention, stimulate interest, and motivate the audience to act.


Experience the power of communication that is created with intention and delivered with authority.

How to pitch your ideas and yourself to get the resources you need

Barbara coaching


Communicating with Confidence

Communicating with confidence is an essential leadership skill. Being able to deliver a message assertively and powerfully is the foundation of being able to persuade and inspire others. It enables you to gain support for your initiatives and stand up for yourself and your values.


Confidence is an inside AND an outside job. You may feel confident, and it shows in your behavior, but enacting confident behaviors can also make you FEEL more confident.


During this engaging, highly interactive presentation, your participants will:


  • Discover what is confident or not about their current way of communicating

  • Identify behaviors that build or sabotage confidence

  • Understand the role voice plays in communicating with confidence

  • Participate in exercises that help them build confidence from the outside in

Learning to communicate confidently even when you don’t feel confident gives you the power to influence how others perceive you and change how you feel about yourself.


Experience the exhilaration of being in control of how you are perceived.

How to make a positive first and lasting impression

Learning Objectives


We identify your cultural communication style and develop an alternative style that enables you to communicate effectively with your primary audience.

Properly using the grammar of a language ensures your communication is crisp and clear the first time.  


We hone your delivery skills so you can communicate confidently and convincingly every time.


"Barbara has helped me tremendously to improve my communication and presentation skills. For over two years, I worked with Barbara to prepare my presentations for seminars, conferences, and job talks. Working with Barbara has been a game-changer. Barbara is extremely serious, methodic, and resourceful. Last but not least, she is extremely pleasant to work with."

Annamaria Conti, PhD Professor of Economics

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I know how it feels not to get your point across in a foreign language. I'm passionate about helping you get heard. If you feel ignored, constrained, or undervalued, please reach out. I'd love to help you elevate your voice.

35456 Heritage Lane
Farmington, MI 48335


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