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Voices of the 21st Century:
Women Transforming the World

A collaborative book by Gail Watson and 44 incredible women

The butterfly is a great symbol of change, transition, adaptation, and growth. The caterpillar finds comfort in its chrysalis; however, it must change to become the butterfly. Similarly, the women in this book share their personal transformations, some through struggles and challenges, others through triumphs and celebrations. These women courageously challenge the status quo, bring light to once-dark topics, and introduce new ways of thinking.

Barbara's Chapter

"The Vacation That Opened the Door to My Life’s Work"

I believe that no experience in life is an accident, everything happens for a reason. In this chapter I share the story of how a vacation to Italy completely upended my life and in the process, led to my work as a communication skills coach.


Falling in love with an Italian on vacation might not seem unlikely, but going back to Italy to live with him 9 months later required leap of faith. Now I change my clients’ lives, helping them acquire the leadership communication skills they need to transform their world.

My chapter is only one of 45 inspiring stories of courage and growth. I can guarantee there is a story that will touch your heart.

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