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About Barbara

Barbara Boldt

I have lived in foreign countries and been a non-native speaker of a language I had to communicate in every day. I have personally experienced that sinking feeling at the end of a presentation or conversation, knowing that I didn't get through to my audience.


Effective communication is a combination of language and culture. Successful communication requires developing an alternative communication style that works with the language you are speaking. In global business that language is usually English.  

I have been privileged to teach and coach hundreds of global managers from more than thirty-five countries how to deliver professional presentations. As a result of all that listening, I developed the ability to hear what is not clear and what’s not being said. Whether it’s incorrect grammar, inaccurate vocabulary, or scrambled message structure, I know what will make your message clear. 

I have an M.A. in International Relations from The University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, and a B.A. in Nutrition from the University of Iowa. I taught at the Swiss Federal Technical Institute of Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) for sixteen years and was awarded Best Teacher of the Year six years in a row. After living abroad for nineteen years, I now live with my life partner in Southeast Michigan.

My Approach

My passion is making you shine!


You want to communicate in English like a leader. I want to help you do that.

What does it take? 

1. A solid desire to communicate better.

2. Commitment to do the difficult work of overcoming years of cultural conditioning. 

3. Time and freeing up the mental bandwidth to do the work.

How I Help:

  • I help you identify your core communication issues.

  • I coach you to overcome them.

  • I give you direct, honest, actionable feedback.

  • I hold you accountable.

  • I cheer you on!

What's it like to work with me?

I am rigorous and compassionate.

I expect a lot, but I also give a lot.

I have a wicked sense of humor ;-)

Your success is my success. Let's get there together.

My Process


  • Record and submit a 3-minute video – the topic of your choice - before our first meeting.

  • 1-hour session to dive into business reality: details about types of presentations, audiences, frequency, and other relevant information.

  • Both parties view the video and write feedback shared in week two.


  • Share feedback on recorded video

  • Identify strengths and points to improve

  • Set goals for each area of improvement

  • Agree on Key Performance Indicators for each area of improvement


  • Meet one or two times each week (depending on the intensity you pefer)

  • We work with your content (a presentation you need to give or one you have already given) to improve the flow, increase linguistic accuracy, make sure your message is audience-focused.

  • When the presentation content is solid, we will record the presentation (using zoom), focusing on delivery issues (both virtual and in-person).

  • We will watch your video and prepare our critiques before the next session.

  • We will share our critiques and identify specific issues that still need work.


  • Meet one time per week or every other week.

  • Continue to hone both your content creation and delivery skills. 

  • Get feedback on how your improvements are taking hold.


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